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Being the official representative of Papilio Fashion House in North America, Papilio Boutique features five lines of unique wedding dresses. These collections are not carried anywhere else in Canada, and we only have a few distributors in the United States. To satisfy growing demand for exclusive wedding dresses and designer evening gowns, we have decided to launch this online bridal store for all our clients who are not able to travel to our flagship store in Toronto or other retailers in North America. We will try to make your shopping experience online as easy as possible by providing essential guidelines and assisting you via email or phone.

Papilio’s formula = unique designs, quality over quantity, and well-priced options to choose from!

Papilio wedding gowns have a truly distinctive European style. Every bridal collection features many designs to let each bride find her perfect wedding dress. Browsing Papilio collections, you will discover something from trend-driven to classy wedding dresses. Every season Papilio designers show the perfect balance between timeless and trendy. While creating new silhouettes, they emphasize the dress-design, décor, sewing quality and luxurious European fabrics. Focusing on different types of women, Papilio fashion engineers implement incredible, inspirational ideas that come from theatre, art, history, poetry, and music. Intricate embroideries, detailed beading, and innovative appliques give that European feel to these unique wedding dresses.

Also, being a European Fashion House, Papilio values quality over quantity. All gowns are handmade under the same roof in Europe. The company does not outsource or mass produce. That allows Papilio to offer accessible price points for purchase online or in store.

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Summer Garden Collection: Inspired by the beauty of summer gardens, this bridal collection features many unique styles of wedding dresses with airy skirts, playful details, and, of course, floral decor that replicates ‘Summer Garden.’ These wedding dresses are completed with handmade 3D flowers, lace appliques, and floral embroideries. The collection feels effortless, breezy, and light-as-air, beautifully capturing nature. If you are looking for romantic wedding dresses with sleeves, this line has a lot to offer. Get inspired!

Ballet Collection features wedding dresses with fashionable designs, modern fabrics, and feminine decor. These wedding dresses are whimsical, romantic, and boho-inspired for free-spirited brides who want to look effortlessly chic. The distinctive feature of this bridal collection is a personalized embroidery. That will help you to make your wedding dress truly one of a kind. Order your wedding dress or veil from this bridal collection with custom embroidery to capture the most magical day of your life and make it forever memorable.

Freedom Collection: This bridal fashion collection is all about a shocking dose of edginess and irreverence as an attitude. From its figure-flattering jumpsuits to ethereally light wedding dresses with expressive sleeves, this line of modern wedding dresses was conceived to offer an unlimited sense of current movement while allowing you to remain ultra-distinctive and free on your big day. With every cut being infused with exceptional craft and skill along with its ultra-modern motifs promise an innovatively sophisticated look, and a look that unlocks the door to a new take on the concept of bridal fashion.

Impression I and Impression II Collections: The impeccable art of impressionists inspires these bridal lines. Designers added vibrant colors, patterns, and textures into their wedding creations. Every wedding dress in these bridal collections is an actual state of the art. You will find one of a kind designs with intricate details, styles with statement sleeves, dresses with unique floral appliques, and extravagant trains, and more. Everything any offbeat bride is dreaming about in her wedding dress. This collection is a true must-see. Get inspired Impression I and Impression II.

Cosmopolitan City Collection was created for the bride who is not dreaming about a fancy wedding with a lot of formalities. She wants a more casual celebration with her close friends and family. If you fit this profile and plan your wedding on a beach, garden, park, or city hall, this collection can be an excellent inspiration for you. It offers a beautiful selection of wedding dresses featuring modern silhouettes, flowy skirts, light fabrics, charming designs, and playful details.

White Wind Collection: This bridal collection presents the most diverse selection of wedding dresses we have ever offered before. It has styles for all types of brides, from simple, classy bride to the most extravagant fashionista. The collection features not only chic staples of wedding dresses and, of course, modern silhouettes, but also ideally reflects all recent bridal trends. For example, for more traditional brides, designers offer off-the-shoulder wedding dresses or romantic-looking floral wedding dresses, but with a modern twist to keep up with current trends. For bolder brides, there are plenty of colored wedding dresses or wedding dresses made with feathers and bright appliques, as well as structured wedding gowns with capes.

Wonderland Collection: It is a bridal collection with current point of view. This modern line presents spectacular styles with personality, intention, and point of view. Each of them is very individual. Papilio designers have used never-seen-before laces, unexpected combination of textures, and innovative techniques of design as well as unusual colors to create these wedding dresses. Are you looking for blue wedding dresses, or maybe green wedding dresses? In any way wearing one of these designs will make your dream of looking unique on your big day to come into reality.

Wings of Love Collection: This bridal collection features a lot of recent bridal trends. For example, celebrities made it chic once again for brides covering up for a wedding day. Long sleeve wedding dresses came back in a big way. You will find a lot of unique wedding dresses with sleeves and illusion necklines. Other stylish trends reflected in this line were bohemian aesthetics, modern colors, loose silhouettes, and intricate details. If you are a fashion-forwarded bride-to-be, who likes to stay on top of trends and wants to be ahead of the game, get inspired and check Wings of Love Collection.